I have had several sessions with Karen, some involving EFT and all undeniably helpful. Therapy and coaching has been part of my life since age seven and up until my experience at www.newlifethaifoundation.com, I felt it to be an uncomfortable experience and more importantly I felt unheard. When I met Karen I knew immediately that I wanted to work with her. her calm and fun-loving nature put me at ease both inside and outside sessions. - for someone with anxiety this is a very special trait to find in someone. In session she is knowledgable and genuine. I felt listened to and that she intuitively knew when to allow for silence. I can be sceptical about avenues of healing such as EFT but Karen’s grounded and relaxed presentation made me willing to try. I felt a range of emotions during our sessions and though I didn’t claim to know why, at the end, something had been resolved. I think the combination of Karen’s coaching and EFT is extremely beneficial. Karen, thank you with all of my heart for your love and attention and for being someone I can talk to. I sincerely appreciate it and look forward to working with you further.
— Meg, Canada.
Karen is as professional as they come. She has the innate ability to make her clients feel comfortable and relaxed whilst tackling inner struggles and insecurities. You can tell that this isn’t a job for Karen but rather her genuine desire to better those who seek to be bettered. I am forever thankful for the new perspective on life that working with her gave me.
— Spencer, USA
I loved my session with Karen! It is amazing how she can find the right words and content after only having talked to me for 15 minutes. It was a very powerful experience and Karen is a great therapist and person to be around.
— Magdalena, Germany
It took Karen about five minutes to peel back the layers and find out what I was really feeling. Karen is incredibly intuitive, warm and put me at ease. Initially, I was anxious but as we worked through it, my fear melted away and I learnt so much about myself. Gaining these insights have helped me take the first steps to changing behaviours. I feel so grateful to have met Karen and would highly recommend the anxious and sceptical to try this. Thanks Karen. Your wisdom and kindness shines.
— Lauren, UK
Karen, it’s really been a great gift that you’ve given me. You got through to me in our first session together and finally made me realise what I was experiencing and feel some freedom from my one big fear. Finally the logic of the situation ‘clicked’ on my head. The truth was there all along but I wasn’t able to access it. The change in me is subtle and profound and I trust that the negative cycle is broken. I feel safe with myself now.
— Simone, Netherlands
I have tried EFT before, however it was nowhere near as powerful as my session with Karen. Karen is very intuitive and not only was able to focus on problems I was aware of, she was able to bring down the barriers that stopped me from fully experiencing them. I experienced great feelings of release during my sessions and I am looking forward to more.
— David, UK
The tapping session was a great experience. I was so surprised that your sentences touched my deepest beliefs and fears; they touched me; I realised my negative deep beliefs; I got an external perspective of what they are. The session gave me so much insight and understanding of them. The soul plan reading was a revelation for me. So much information and insight in to my past and present behaviour. It gave me an understanding of how I am and how I feel and relieves the pressure of me thinking ‘I am not ok how I am.’. It also gave me insight and acknowledgement of my possible future. I learnt a lot from our sessions and I am extremely grateful. You helped me in developing understanding for my true self. Plus, I really like your warmth, your voice, your smile, your sharings. This really helped me a lot to hear with my heart what you say. I am deeply grateful for your time and patience.
— Andrea, Germany
My sessions with you had a powerful effect on me. Your clever way of using the right language/vocabulary that I could relate to really created a powerful impact/shift. I wasn’t very hopeful that I could get past the blocks but you have proven me wrong. I can’t thank you enough.
— Michelle, UK
I think tapping is an excellent technique to get in touch with current work/past trauma because it is simple, non-threatening and a very direct path, more so than traditional talking therapy. Karen is kind-hearted, friendly, curious and ego-free it seems. So, I felt free to do it.
— Jan, Thailand
I was quite sceptical about the whole thing but from the first session I was hooked. I couldn’t quite believe someone I had never met before could have such insight in to my issues and the way my thoughts work! She knew exactly what to say to make me emotionally react in the healing process. In my second session I felt like it was a turning point because I finally understood the way my mind works. It had been so confusing for so long I was astonished how eye opening the whole process was. I am so amazed by her work and its results.
— Caroline, France