How it works.

Step 1 - Your Soul Plan
As part of the process to reveal the real you, I use a tool called Soul Plan which is an ancient life purpose analysis system. Whether you call it your soul, your higher self, your life source, we all come in to the world with a purpose of being here and a set of talents and strengths for us to access and build on. Sometimes these are obvious to us. Sometimes, we need help revealing them.

Your soul plan reading reveals what those innate talents are, recurring challenges that you can sometimes be facing and also gives you insight in to your overall life purpose.
This is an excellent foundation from which to start applying some focus and 
understanding to 
whatever issues you're wanting to tackle and what life you'd like to create for yourself.

Step 2 - A series of one to one sessions.
Using your Soul Plan as the blueprint, we then start to build a plan of action that gets you to where you want to be. This could include nurturing hidden talents, exploring new career opportunities and/or tackling challenges that may be hindering you from reaching your full potential. We do this through a series of sessions where I support you through this process of exploration.