Reinvention doesn't feel easy.

I've been feeling this acutely whilst I've been working on my new website. I knew I wanted to change it and had a few loose thoughts of how I wanted it to feel but apart from that, I really had no idea how it was going to turn out. And when it's something that you're really close too, every decision you make seems like a huge one and emotionally laden. There's moments where there seems to be no going back and no going forward.

And that's just a website! Imagine when we apply that same process to our lives. Of course it feels difficult. Of course it seems like you're not getting anywhere. Of course you want to skip to the end and 'just get it done'. But as teeth pulling as it can feel sometimes, it's in the process that the magic happens and things start to evolve in a way you could never have known at the beginning and certainly never have reached had you skipped to the end. 

I read a nice line recently, 'What's in the way, is the way.' There really is no choice but through it. So, if you're thinking of embarking on your own journey of reinvention or maybe just some evolution for now, be patient, all will fall in to place. It might not be to your timeline but it will be worth it.

Now, back to those font choices. Aaaaargh.