What to do when you're not sure.

Not being sure, can suck.  When we can't make up our minds up about something, we get stuck in limbo land and feel like we're getting nowhere. It's not a great place to hang around in for any length of time. If you're struggling to make a decision in work or in life generally, that's ok. You have two options to get things moving again:

Option 1 Dig a little deeper. Sometimes, it is simply fear that is holding us back from making a choice that deep down we know to be right. So, be honest with yourself, stop pretending that you don't know what to do and save yourself some protracted misery. (I say this from a place of tough love.)

Option 2 If you're finding it hard to find any distinction between the possible decisions in front of you, then simply get some more information. Explore your choices a little more and however slight it is, you'll find that one has more appeal than the other. Take a deep breath and pick that one. You discomfort comes from holding yourself in limbo and a place of too much uncertainty.

Sometimes, we've just got to get there to know whether it's right. Remember, nothing is permanent, you can always change your mind!

Tough Love Mirror