Blagging it.

I have no idea what I'm doing. Every day I'm winging it, I'm just waiting to get found out. If I can just get through this week's meeting without sounding like an idiot. I'm actually starting to get used to the palpitations. Oh look, there's a dark corner for me to go and rock in. Mummy? Most of us go through our working life believing that everyone else knows what they're doing and we're the weakest link that the pack will turn on eventually, once they know the truth. The fact is that a very small percentage of people in your workplace will have an unwaivering self belief and confidence in themselves.

The majority don't. If you asked the question in your office 'Do you feel like you know what you're doing?' and were able to get an honest answer, that majority would answer 'No, I've been blagging it for the last x years. Please don't tell anyone.'. Ultimately, we all share the same fear, that sooner or later, we will get called out and the shame of what we don't know will be revealed to all.

And whilst we spend all this time, thinking that we're rubbish, comparing ourselves to others (who actually feel the same way as us, how nuts is that?) and grading ourselves poorly, we miss the point that actually we are quite good at what we do. That over the years we have accumulated some experiences and skills that with the right attitude will always add value. Because that's all the small percentage are doing. They believe in themselves regardless of what they think others have to offer and that breeds confidence in themselves and from others.

Today, you do know what you're doing. As much as anyone else does.