A life of admin.

To-do lists. Some of us keep them in our heads. (Poor heads). Some of us write them down and allow them to breed. Sometimes they're useful, help us remember important things, keep us on track. Other times the list feels so long and unachievable, we feel useless and even worse, guilty. Yuck. Want to get stuff done and feel in control? Here are some tips:

1.Get it down in one place. First of all, if you're someone who likes to write stuff down, is the current system really working for you? Lists have the habit of multiplying like gremlins and making the scale of the problem seem worse. So, get it all in one place. Consider drawing it as a mind map instead of a list. Sometimes something more visual can help you work out what to tackle first. And if you're someone who has it all in your head, your brain must be really tired so get it out of your head and on to paper. Before your head explodes.

2. What's urgent? Quite often your to-do list can have 'Complete tax return' right alongside 'Climb Kilimanjaro' which can be really unhelpful to our tired, overwhelmed brains. Once you've got all your to do's in one place, have a look at what's critical for right now and the immediate future, versus what needs more planning and thought. You can then look at which tasks have specific deadlines that need to be met and start to give yourself some timings to get them done by. Filtering this way means you will start to tick jobs off in a timely manner rather than worrying about all of them and not getting anything done.

3. Should do versus really want to do Sometimes it's the more aspirational jobs on our to do list that cause us the most upset. Booking a doctor's appointment is pretty straightforward.  Running a marathon, looking for a different job, getting a new hobby, these fellas can be a little more tricky. It's worth thinking about who these really 'belong' to? Are they really things that you want to do, or are you putting yourself under unnecessary pressure because you feel you should be doing them? Make sure your to do list isn't overcrowded with someone else's idea of what a full life looks like. Apply your own filter.

4. It's not a race The fact is that there's always going to be stuff on the list. Let's accept you're never going to get it all done. But this is a good thing. We're human and we're constantly creating more stuff. And as life continues to evolve, so does our to-do list. Some of it is life's admin and can be a bit dull, but we can make life easier for ourselves by not making a mountain out of a molehill.

To do list