If you're just starting out in your career, firstly hooray for you. This is a really exciting time, the world is your oyster but it can also feel really intimidating and daunting. A blank canvas is great but sometimes it can feel a little, well, blank. So if you're worrying about what your next move should be, whether you're saying the right things, making the right decisions, take a breath. No-one expects you to know everything about everything at the stage you're at. So,when you show up somewhere new hoping they're going to cut you a break there is one thing you can easily offer that can make all the difference.


There's nothing more infectious than someone who shows some passion and energy about what they are interested in. It's positive, engaging and exciting. Suddenly, those skills still to be learnt aren't so important because you are someone that other people want to be around. This is what will give you the edge, this is why people will want to work with you.Chemistry