Want to help a friend? Recommend them for a free consultation.

If you don't like your job, Friday is the most glorious day of the week. An end to the misery, for 48 hours anyway. It's such a shame that you have to spend the previous four days having a horrible time and then the weekend fretting about the horrible time you're having. And if you're a friend of this person, then these might be the kind of things you're hearing from them and have been for some time:

- Thank goodness it's Friday. - Get another bottle, I've had the worst week ever. - It all seems so pointless. Nothing changes. - This can't be as good as it gets can it? - All I do is work, sleep and eat. - I don't even know what I want anymore. They're slowly sucking the life out of me. - I need an escape route. - I want to get out, how can I get out?! - I just want to go and live in Cornwall and grow vegetables and make jam. - Maybe I will. How much money can you make from selling organic carrots? - I hate my job - No, you don't understand. I HATE MY JOB.

If you know this person, perhaps it's time to help them change the record. Why not suggest they book in for a free consultation? It could kick start some changes and help get them on the right track.

And for the first person you refer that books a free consultation, you will get a unique  cartoon designed just for you. And maybe you'll get a happier friend. Huzzah.