Yeah, but what if I don't like it when I get there?

You might have heard the analogy of our lives being a film in which we play the role of the Director, creating our own scenes as we go. At certain times in our lives, we can get a little carried away with writing scripts for possible future outcomes. When we're presented with different choices or what feels like a complex situation, our mind has a habit of presenting us with all the different possible paths and outcomes. And, in allowing this kind of thinking, we create a world of fear and anxiety for ourselves, in which it's almost impossible to make a decision or choice that we're comfortable with. We feel paralysed because of something we've envisioned that hasn't even happened yet.

From the point of view of the movie analogy, you could say that our mind is the extremely anxious Producer who's overly concerned with all the possible things that could go wrong and has lost sight of the original creative vision of the production.

The reality is we have no true idea of what might happen should we go this way or that. But as Director we don't need to concern ourselves with anything other than staying true to our original vision and making decisions based on what we know right now. So, stop fiddling with the script and worrying about stuff that may or may not happen. All the best Directors create their scenes from the heart.