Mind your language.

Our speech is a very powerful tool. The words and language that we use all go towards creating our self image, how others perceive us and even the life that we design for ourselves. If you habitually say you're bad at something, regardless of any evidence that this be true, you and the world will believe you. Using negative language becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.Putting attention on what we say and away from the use of negative speech, influences our emotional state and this in turn influences our behaviour and the decisions we make. These are just some of the statements we can get in to the habit of using. If we think about them, how true are they really?

I'm afraid Ever started a sentence 'I'm afraid that I won't be able to….' Are you really afraid? You're coding anxiety in to your thought process by using this word and sending signals to your brain that there is habitually something to be fearful of.

I'm not good at / not bad at How true are these sweeping statements where you underplay your skills? Using this speech is sending the instruction to your brain that you have less to offer than you do and this starts to manifest itself in the external world.

I should/I have to How much is this really your desire or are you feeling pressure from elsewhere?  Review where this pressure is really coming from and if it serves you to feel beholden to it.

The thing about me is How long have you been associating yourself with a particular trait? Is it still relevant or are you simply repeating the same statement out of habit?

I am stressed You as an individual are not stressed. You might be experiencing feelings of stress but this is not who you are. Thinking of feelings such as anger, worry, fear in this way can remind us that we are not defined by them and that we need not become attached to them.

Your words are your life. Say what you intend.