Sick at the thought?

If you woke up this morning, feeling a little nauseous, there could be a number of reasons: 1. You ate your body weight in chocolate over the Easter weekend.

2. You maybe should have cooked that chicken a little longer.

3. The thought of going back to work fills you with some dread.

If your answer was number three, then there's a few things to consider.

It's likely time to review your working situation. Working life isn't always sunshine and sparkles but if you're feeling anxious at the thought of showing up at the office after a few days off, then something is probably up. Either with you, or with your job.

However, don't panic. You don't need to make any big decisions. Simply, start to put your attention or what adjustments you might need to make. This might be to your behaviour or your thinking.

A good first step, is to start a new habit of approaching your week with a sense of optimism. Regardless of the pressures or schedule ahead of you, seek to get the best out of your day. This conscious act of focusing on the positive will help give you some clarity on how big the changes are, that you might need to make.