Be like a frog.

There's nothing like the word 'career' to give you the heebie jeebies sometimes. It has such strong associations with ideas of success and status. As if, without being on a steady career path towards stardom, you are somehow lesser than others and not part of that elite group who have 'made it' and are now seemingly, living wonderful, fulfilled lives. Some of us arrive in the world and from an early stage have strong feelings about how we want to spend our time. The urge is so strong we find ourselves training in one vocation and it becomes a career for us that we're happy to follow for most of our lives. For others, it might not be so clear and so the journey is a different one. In this instance, it's important to remember that whilst the line might be less of a straight one, it's of no less value.

So, don't worry if you haven't figured it out yet. Stop trying to find the perfect solution and one job/career that will solve all your problems. Perhaps, you need to be thinking about doing more than one thing for instance? Either way, whilst you're figuring it out, there is one main rule: Hop, skip, jump. Don't stay in a job you don't like for too long and keep moving towards things that you find more appealing, however small. It's this process and mentality that help reveal solutions that will work for you.

How to find the right career? Simply, be like a frog.