Control freaks.

I'm often asked about the issue of delegating. Either from the point of view of encouraging someone to relinquish some responsibility or the fear of someone messing things up if you hand over the reins. Here are the secrets to LETTING GO:

1.Stop moaning about never having enough time. If you're doing everything then this is why. When someone offers their help, take it. Allow someone else to share the burden.

2. Give someone else the chance to shine. You could be the key to someone else's success and progression. Have the confidence in the stripes you've earnt, to let someone else pass through the trail you've blazed.

3. Delegating does not mean 'giving everyone all the stuff I don't want to do.' A good leader will assign tasks that speak to the strengths and growth opportunities of the individuals within his/her team. You're the leader. Wo/Man up and do the hard stuff if that's what's required.

4. You're not that important. Be careful you're not getting carried away with how crucial a part you play in the process. Give the task to someone else and it might get done differently, but it will get done.

5. But you are still important. Delegating tasks in the right way can be a win-win situation. You empower your team and give them opportunities to grow and you free yourself to explore new horizons yourself.

6. Practice. Once you've broken through the pain barrier of delegating a task and you see that the world has not stopped turning as a result, you'll become more comfortable with relinquishing control.