What are you waiting for?

How bad has it got to get before you make some changes? 

  1. When it's 9.30am on a Monday and you can't wait for the week to be over.
  2. When all your facebook updates read 'Only four days until Friday!' or 'Why won't today end?'.
  3. When you've realised that you've been thinking, "I'll just give it till Christmas.' every summer for the last three years.
  4. When Sunday nights have become so unbearable that you've started a habit of eating your weight in cheese just to get through it.
  5. When you staple your hand to the desk because you can't find the words to express your displeasure at being there.
  6. When only having one day in the week (can't count Sunday as you're crying and eating cheese) when you're not miserable doesn't seem like a fair ratio anymore.
  7. When you start considering standing close to people with terrible colds in the hope you'll have to have some time off work.
  8. When you consider undercooking some chicken one evening. As above.
  9. When you feel so tired you start telling your friends you think you might have got some sort of sleeping sickness from the office building.
  10. When there is no amount of red wine that will numb the pain any more.
  11. When you've forgotten what it was like to feel good, a sense of achievement, happiness.

It's not supposed to be rubbish. It's supposed to be good. What are you waiting for?

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William Wallace