The one thing you should remember this year.

It can be so refreshing and liberating to say goodbye to the last year and say hello to the new. It can also be quite daunting, bringing with it a weight of expectation that this year has to be 'my year'. What's everyone else doing? I need to be as good as them. Should I change job, should I move house, should I end my relationship? Last year was a bit rubbish, this one has to be better. I need to be slimmer, funnier, happier. The sense of urgency can be somewhat overwhelming. Once you've waded through all of those thoughts and the endless join a gym/drop a dress size/sort your life out before it's too late adverts, there's really only one thing worth focusing on.

Run your own race.

Forget what everyone else is doing, their opinions of you or comparisons you're making of yourself with them. Stay true to what you feel is right and and you'll reach your perfect destination at the perfect moment. And it will be what's right for you at that moment and not be based on someone else's idea of what constitutes a fulfilled life.

As Mrs Hughes in the Downton Abbey Christmas Special put it so perfectly, 'Be your own master and call your own tune'. You can't go wrong.

Happy 2013 everyone ! Wishing all of you amazing people some magical times this year.