'Be the Best You' 2013 workshops

2013 is here and with it comes all those questions of what it might hold and what successes could be in store for you. To help get your 2013's off to a flying start, I will be running a series of 'Be the Best You' workshops. In these sessions, we will tackle all those tricky work and personal challenges and get you to a point where you'll not only feel more confident and empowered but you'll start to see a real change in how you and others perceive you at work.

The series will include all aspects of work life such as techniques to build confidence, tools to help you communicate more effectively to get better results and trouble shooting for those particularly challenging situations (e.g. How to manage that awkward boss without resorting to stapling their hand to the desk in order to make your point.).

'How to do a great interview' workshop
This workshop will be the first in the series, where you'll learn some fantastic practical skills and approaches to help you perform at your best during interviews. Whether you really struggle during the interview process or whether you would simply like to polish up on your skills, you'll come away from this course oozing with confidence and ready to approach your job search with aplomb!

I'd had a couple of bad interview experiences and was wanting to work on how best to sell myself and get through it! Karen coached me through the process so that I was able to approach it with much more confidence than before. I got the job and couldn't have done it without her. Georgia, North London

On this workshop, you will:
  • Learn the five golden rules to performing at your very best during an interview
  • Gain insight in to what interviewers are looking for during the interview process so that you can give them what they want
  • Come away with new practical skills and techniques that will turn you in to an expert interviewee
  • Tackle and resolve issues that are personal to you

Karen has the ability to lift and energise you no matter what the circumstance and this is invaluable to anyone looking to improve themselves. Her energy is infectious and spreads to anyone she comes in contact with. Alexis, West London

The workshop runs for 2 hours, costs £75 and will be taking place w/c 28th January.
Places will be limited in order that everyone on the workshop gets the opportunity to explore their individual issues, so please fill in the form below by the 4th January to reserve your space and find out more about the course.

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