Smile as if the camera is always on.

The week before Christmas can be quite demanding. There's usually that last minute project to complete, loose ends to tie up before the new year arrives. It can also be great fun and the party mood can be quite infectious. So, it's a time when you might be finding it easier to turn up to work with a smile on your face. And that positive energy is contributing to a great atmosphere. When you arrive at work a bit cheerier and offer a warm greeting, you make a difference to how others feel. And that in turn, makes you feel good. You set a tone for the day. We've all experienced the alternative. When that certain someone appears in the room and the temperature drops by five degrees because they've chosen to bring their moans and groans, all their emotional baggage with them to work. You spend the day tip toeing around them, hoping that an extra jammy dodger might cheer them up. Nobody wants to be that person and it's a choice whether we make it consciously or not.

So why save your smiles only for Christmas? What if you made an effort in 2013 to arrive at work and leave your baggage behind as best you can? Be you, be honest but also be conscious about what you're contributing to your environment every day?

Forget about new year resolutions to eat less and not watch 'Made in Chelsea' EVER AGAIN. Instead, how about pledging to show up to work next year, set the right tone and keep trying to make the difference?

Happy face