How to create the perfect CV.

'Doing my CV' probably ranks on a Top ten things I'd rather not do survey, above 'completing a tax return' and 'publicly admitting I own a Jedward album'. It can feel like a real chore and hard to know where to start. So, we procrastinate and avoid doing it. Before you know it, you've started to clean out the loft and the dog is getting its third wash of the evening. The key is simply to start. Whether it's complete re-write or an update, the hardest part is getting yourself in front of the computer. Once you've done that the rest will take care of itself.

And help is at hand. Follow my FOUR F's process and it will be a breeze!

1. Facts Dump everything down on the page in terms of chronology, i.e. companies, job titles, dates, core responsibilities in each instance.

2. Feats Go back over each job and note down what you think your key achievements were. This gives a prospective employer the highlights of each role and an indication of what your strengths are. You can also tailor these for particular jobs that you're applying for.

3. Format We're not done yet but time to make it look pretty. Get the spacing right, make sure it's looking neat and tidy.

4. Finesse Time to go back and have another look at content. Have you been clear and concise? Do a waffle-check and see whether you've repeated yourself or perhaps been too wordy. You want to strike a balance between getting the main facts over and specific detail that demonstrates your skills.

If you would like help getting your CV up to scratch, then fill in the form below to arrange a CV MOT.

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