Who’s doubting who?

Sometimes one of the biggest challenges we face when we’re at work, isn’t necessarily our difficult boss, the project that just seems to go on forever or the mysterious smell from the fridge that no-one can seem to identify. Sometimes, more often than not, it’s ourselves. You’d think, that knowing ourselves as well as we do, that we’d be our biggest fans. Encouraging ourselves to keep going, comforting ourselves when we needed a bit of support. But oh no, we can be quite the opposite, especially when we find ourselves feeling a little vulnerable or threatened. We’re often the first to doubt ourselves, the first to criticize, the first to point a finger of suspicion. Before you know it, there are ten different voices in your head, running a constant commentary about why you’re rubbish at your job, why everyone else thinks you’re rubbish at your job and how the best thing to do (once you’ve finished rocking in a corner) is to probably leave and go and work on a beach putting out deck chairs because frankly, it would all be a lot simpler wouldn’t it.

When you find yourself experiencing these kind of feelings, you needn’t feel at the mercy of them. Here are some key things to do:

1. Fact or Fiction? Ask yourself how much of what you’re feeling is based on actual fact. The mind is very good at making up storylines when you’re feeling vulnerable. Check that you’re not just filling in gaps because there is no or little information at your disposal.

2. Me too! When you’re feeling insecure, remember that everyone is or has at some point felt the same way. You’d be surprised at how many people in your office would put their hands up and say ‘Me too!’, if you shared with them how you were feeling.

3. Be your own cheerleader It’s really important that you become your own biggest fan. Nobody knows better how you’re feeling, and therefore no-one is better placed to support you and give you the occasional pep talk that you might need. Be nice to yourself, you deserve it!

So. Enough of the voices. You’re doing your best, and that’s plenty good enough.

Go [insert your name here], go [insert your name here]!