It's ok to like 9 to 5...

There's nothing wrong with working 9 to 5. Like anything, it has its pros and cons. Here's some of the not so good stuff:

  • You have to share your habitat and allow for other people's desires, stresses and idiosyncracies. Eek.
  • Routine can become very repetitive and predictable. Yawn.
  • Someone else is in charge. They say when you need to be in the office and when you can go on holiday.

But then, there are also some great things about working five days in the office:

  • You belong somewhere. You get to be around people and as social animals that makes us feel good.
  • You know what the plan is (most of the time). There's something lovely about routine, it can be very comforting.
  • You get a regular salary every month. Nice.

So, it's ok to like 9 to 5. We don't all have to feel desperate to run off in to the sunset and work out of our farmhouses, treehouses, Starbuckses. Sometimes, routine is what we need right now. And that's ok.