Sometimes, it just sucks.

I have sometimes, what I call, crunchy weeks. And that particular week will be made up of sticky conversations and scratchy experiences. Everything seems just that little more difficult and awkward. Nothing seems to be running smoothly and you can’t help but feel ‘why is this happening to me?! I’m not a bad person, I smile at bus drivers.’ And the answer is, sometimes, it just sucks. Sometimes, it’s just an off week. And you pick yourself up, put it down to experience and remind yourself not to throw your laptop at the IT manager when you need his help next time.

But if crunchy weeks are quite common for you, then there’s likely to be some things that you’re contributing to bringing those situations about. Here’s some things to think about to get yourself out of that ‘bad run’ at work.

  1. Re-charge Are you getting enough rest? If you turn up to work shattered, you’re not going to respond well to whatever you’re being faced with. Make sure you’re recharging your batteries sufficiently.
  2. Re-fuel Eat properly. Half a sandwich from Pret, a chocolate muffin or cheese on biscuits (personal favourite) do not constitute a nourishing meal. Eat well so that your body can give you the physical support when life gets demanding.
  3. Re-engage It’s easy to fall in to the repetitive trap of eat, sleep, and work when life is feeling a bit tough. Don’t forget to incorporate a bit of fun in to your week. It needn’t be a huge event. Buy a bar of chocolate, see a film, meet a friend. It makes all the difference, particularly during a crunchy week.

Have good weeks everyone. I’m off to see if I can get Crunchy to sponsor this blog.