About me.

I launched A Work in Progress a couple of years ago to help people make changes in their working lives and support them in being the best they could be. I have a BSc.(Hons) degree in Psychology and during my working life have held senior roles in the advertising and communications industry. I've worked with businesses to improve their operational efficiencies and coached and mentored teams and individuals to enhance their performance. My time as a headhunter also gave me insight in to how people were really feeling about their lives, jobs and careers. 

Throughout all of these different roles and jobs, it became obvious to me that many people seemed to be so unhappy in their work, felt unfulfilled and unrewarded. Having felt similarly in my life, I wanted to help people find a different and more satisfying work life. 

Over time, I was finding that the conversations I was having with clients were never just about work, they were about how life felt overall. There were bigger issues coming up that weren't just about what they were doing 9 to 5, but were also related to the way they felt about themselves, the way they were thinking, the way they approached life overall. It became obvious  that traditional, 'A-Z process' approaches didn't seem to be cutting it any more for people and only scratched the surface. They needed to connect with who they really were before they could begin to create the work situation and the lifestyle they really desired. I've found that using the Soul Plan system helps make that connection possible and offers a much deeper perspective. 

I enjoy working with people from all sorts of backgrounds. different stages of their lives, different challenges being faced. What they all have in common is the the same desire I've always had for myself. To be the best version of me that I could be. It's a constant 'work in progress' for all of us and I'm very grateful to be part of anyone's journey in that respect. 

One of the things I've learnt during this whole process is that we're not always just one thing and so when I'm not working with clients in this way, I'm an illustrator and I also draw on the experience of my earlier career and support others with the marketing of their businesses. It's always changing and that's how life should be. 

If you'd like to make contact for any reason even if it's just to say hello get in touch via my Contact page or email me at karen@aworkinprogress.co.uk. I'd love to hear from you.